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Date Time Activity
19:00-21:00 Welcome Dinner
08:00-09:00 Registration
09:00-10:45 Opening Ceremony
10:45-11:00 Tea Break
11:00-12:30 Keynote Address 1
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
Parallel Session 1
(5 paper each)
Computational Linguistics 1
Linguistics and Language Studies 1
Spoken Language Processing 1
15:40-16:00 Tea Break
Parallel Session 2
(5 paper each)
Computational Linguistics 2
Linguistics and Language Studies 2
Spoken Language Processing 2
19:00-22:00 Conference Dinner and River Cruise
09:00-10:30 Keynote Address 2
10:30-10:50 Tea Break
Parallel Session 3
(5 paper each)
Computational Linguistics 3
Linguistics and Language Studies 3
Machine Translation
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
Parallel Session 4
(4 paper each)
Natural Language Applications
Natural Language Resources
Language Information Processing
15:20-16:30 Closing Ceremony
16:30-17:30 Tea Break
08:30-14:00 Post Conference Tour

MONDAY: PARALLEL SESSIONS 1 (5 papers per session)
CL-1: Computational Linguistics 1

Automatic Arabic Term Extraction from Special Domain Corpora
Abdulmohsen Al-Thubaity, Marwa Khan, Saad Alotaibi and Badriyya Alonazi
(Submission #103)
Semantic Type Disambiguation for Japanese Verbs
Shohei Okada and Kazuhide Yamamoto
(Submission #109)
Which Performs Better for New Word Detection? Character Based or Chinese Word Segmentation Based?
Haijun Zhang and Shumin Shi
(Submission #112)
Named Entity Recognition in Assamese using CRFs and Rules
Padmaja Sharma, Utpal Sharma and Jugal Kalita
(Submission #153)
Building an Indonesian Named Entity Recognizer using Wikipedia and DBPedia
Andry Luthfi, Bayu Distiawan and Ruli Manurung
(Submission #183)

LS-1: Linguistics and Language Studies 1
Shuzhen Shi and Pu Li
(Submission #107)
The Usage of Zongshi
Shuqin Shi and Kaihong Yang
(Submission #108)
Research on Building Chinese Semantic Lexicon Based on the Concept Definition of HowNet
Hui Cao and Sen Zhang
(Submission #115)
Imperative Sentences with Assertive Mood
Pu Li and Hao Zhao
(Submission #116)
Information Decompression of Xinjiang Travel Materials
Kaihong Yang and Shuzhen Shi
(Submission #117)

SP-1: Spoken Language Processing 1
Acoustic Model Merging Using Acoustic Models from Multilingual Speakers for Automatic Speech Recognition
Tien-Ping Tan, Laurent Besacier and Benjamin Lecouteux
(Submission #147)
Classification of Phonemes using Modulation Spectrogram Based Features for Gujarati Language
Anshu Chittora and Hemant A. Patil
(Submission #164)
A Spectral Transition Measure Based MELCEPSTRAL Features for Obstruent Detection
Bhavik B. Vachhani, Kewal D. Malde, Maulik C. Madhavi and Hemant A. Patil
(Submission #172)
Vocal Tract Length Normalization for Vowel Recognition in Low Resource Languages
Shubham Sharma, Maulik C. Madhavi and Hemant A. Patil
(Submission #178)
A Cepstral Mean Subtraction based Features for Singer Identification
Purushotam G. Radadia and Hemant A. Patil
(Submission #171)

MONDAY: PARALLEL SESSIONS 2 (5 papers per session)
CL-2: Computational Linguistics 2

Automatic Processing of Chinese special structure 'Ba-construction'
Yiyi Zhao
(Submission #136)
Designing an Indonesian Part of speech Tagset and Manually Tagged Indonesian Corpus
Arawinda Dinakaramani, Fam Rashel, Andry Luthfi and Ruli Manurung
(Submission #182)
Building an Indonesian Rule-Based Part-of-Speech Tagger
Fam Rashel, Andry Luthfi, Arawinda Dinakaramani and Ruli Manurung
(Submission #184)
The Analysis on Mistaken Segmentation of Tibetan words based on Statistical Method
Congjun Long, Yiyong Lan and Xiaobin Zhao
(Submission #174)
Research on Recognition of Semantic Chunk Boundary in Tibetan
Tianhang Wang, Shumin Shi, Heyan Huang, Congjun Long and Ruijing Li
(Submission #114)

LS-2: Linguistics and Language Studies 2
The Formation of Modern Chinese Imperative Sentence Combining
Hao Zhao and Pu Li
(Submission #119)
A Comparative Study of Nominal Predicate Sentences (NPS) and SHI (be) Sentences
Lijuan Zhang
(Submission #121)
Automatic Detection of Subject/Object Drops in Bengali
Arjun Das, Utpal Garain and Apurbalal Senapati
(Submission #138)
Logical Operative Processes of Semantic Grammar for Machine Interpretation
Sivakumar Ramakrishnan, Pradeep Isawasan and Vasuky Mohanan
(Submission #137)
Imagistic and Propositional Languages in Classical Chinese Poetry
John Lee and Yin Hei Kong
(Submission #148)

SP-2: Spoken Language Processing 2
Effectiveness of Multiscale Fractal Dimension-based Phonetic Segmentation in Speech Synthesis for Low Resource Language
Mohammadi Zaki, J. Nirmesh Shah and Hemant A. Patil
(Submission #167)
Influence of Various Asymmetrical Contextual Factors for TTS in a Low Resource Language
J. Nirmesh Shah, Mohammadi Zaki and Hemant A. Patil
(Submission #169)
A Comparative Study on Extractive Speech Summarization of Broadcast News and Parliamentary Meeting Speech
Jian Zhang and Huaqiang Yuan
(Submission #152)
----------------------------- Development of Language Resources for Speech Application in Gujarati and Marathi
Maulik C. Madhavi, Shubham Sharma and Hemant A. Patil
(Submission #179)
Nonlinear Analysis of Natural vs. HTS-Based Synthetic Speech
Hemant A. Patil and Adarsa S.
(Submission #181)

TUESDAY: PARALLEL SESSIONS 3 (5 papers per session)
CL-3: Computational Linguistics 3

Learning Word Embeddings from Dependency Relations
Yinggong Zhao , Shujian Huang, Xinyu Dai, Jianbing Zhang and Jiajun Chen
(Submission #145)
A Bottom-up Method for Analyzing the Domain of a Sentence Group
Xiangfeng Wei, Quan Zhang, Yi Yuan and Jie Chi
(Submission #111)
The Refined MI: A Significant Improvement to Mutual Information
Maha Alrabiah, AbdulMalik Al-salman and Eric Atwell
(Submission #173)
Polarity Detection of Turkish Comments on Technology Companies
Gözde Gül Isgüder, Harun Resit Zafer and Esref Adali
(Submission #175)
Discovering Linguistic Knowledge by Converting Printed Dictionaries of Minority Languages into Machine Readable Dictionaries
Bali Ranaivo-Malançon, Suhaila Saee and Jennifer Fiona Wilfred Busu
(Submission #188)

LS-3: Linguistics and Language Studies 3
An Acoustic Analysis of English Monophthongs by Tibetan Students
Shourong An, Hui Feng Huixia Wang and Jianwu Dang
(Submission #150)
Acoustic Features of Mandarin Monophthongs by Tibetan Speakers
Lu Zhao, Hui Feng, Huixia Wang and Jianwu Dang
(Submission #160)
A Prosodic Analysis of insertion Repair at Transition Space in Chinese conversation
Wei Zhang
(Submission #177)
A Computer-Aided Chinese Pronunciation Training Program for English-Speaking Learners
Yi Qin and Guonian Wang
(Submission #154)
Use of Glottal Inverse Filtering for Asthma and HIE Infant Cries Classification
Anshu Chittora and Hemant A. Patil
(Submission #163)

MT-1: Machine Translation
One-Expression Classification in Bengali and its role in Bengali-English Machine Translation
Apurbalal Senapati and Utpal Garain
(Submission #140)
Extracting Parallel Phrases from Comparable Corpora
Jiexin Zhang, Hailong Cao and Tiejun Zhao
(Submission #158)
Hybrid Approach for Aligning Parallel Sentences for Languages without a Written Form using Standard Malay and Malay Dialects
Yen-Min Jasmina Khaw and Tien Ping Tan
(Submission #191)
A Maximum Entropy Based Phrase Reordering Model for Mongolian-Chinese SMT with Morphological Information
Zhenxin Yang, Miao Li, Zede Zhu, Lei Chen, Linyu Wei and Shaoqi Wang
(Submission #128)
Local Phrase Reordering Model for Complicate Chinese NPs in Chinese-English Machine Translation
Xiaodie Liu, Yun zhu and Yaohong Jin
(Submission #151)

TUESDAY: PARALLEL SESSIONS 4 (4 papers per session)
LA-1: Natural Language Applications

A Novel Query Expansion Method for Military News Retrieval Service
Liang-Chu Chen, Wen-Tsan Chao and Chia-Jung Hsieh
(Submission #146)
An Approach for Automatically Structuring Vietnamese Legal Text
Thinh D. Bui and Quoc B. Ho
(Submission #157)
The Retrieval Research of Non-adjacent Keywords in Chinese Corpus ----A Case Study of "Yi...Jiu..." Construction
Xiaoping Tan and Lijiao Yang
(Submission #166)
A Rule-Based Method for Chinese Punctuations Processing in Sentences Segmentation
Jing Wang, Yun Zhu and Yaohong Jin
(Submission #161)

LR-1: Natural Language Resources
An Extracted Database Content From WordNet For Natural Language Processing and Word Games
Josephine E. Petralba
(Submission #159)
Automatic Acquisition of Morphological Resources for Melanau Language
Suhaila Saee, Lay-Ki Soon, Tek-YongLim, Bali Ranaivo-Malançon, Jovianna Juk and Enya Kong Tang
(Submission #189)
NormAPI: An API for Normalizing Filipino Shortcut Texts
Nicco Nocon, Gems Cuevas, Darwin Magat, Peter Suministrado and Charibeth Cheng
(Submission #149)
Improving Malt Dependency Parser using a Simple Grammar-Driven Unlexicalised Dependency Parser
Anil Krishna Eragani and Varun Kuchibhotla
(Submission #122)

IP-1: Language Information Processing
Concepts Identification of an NL Query in NLIDB Systems
Saikrishna Srirampur, Ravi Chandibhamar, Ashish Palakurthi and Radhika Mamidi
(Submission #127)
Semantic Conceptual Primitives Computing in Text Classification
Quan Zhang, Yi Yuan, Xiangfeng Wei, Zhejie Chi, Peimin Cong and Yihua Du
(Submission #110)
Category-associated Collocative Concept Primitives Extraction
Zhejie Chi and Quan Zhang
(Submission #113)
Sentiment Classification using Enhanced Contextual Valence Shifters
Vo Ngoc Phu and Phan Thi Tuoi
(Submission #133)
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